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When the needs of the construction industry demand strength, beauty, integrity and durability, precast/prestressed concrete is there. From bridges of incomparable beauty and sustainability to office buildings that blend with the environment. From the very latest in manufacturing/processing plants to high-tech chip fabrication buildings. Segmental bridges, airport control towers, college dormitories to huge parking structures, they're all about precast/prestressed concrete.

For a list of PCI-Central Region Producer members PCI certified to produce the following products, click on the appropriate link below:

Search By Component Type

  PCI Certification Codes
Architectural Precast Group A - Architectural Products
Architectural Trim Units      AT - Architectural Trim Units
Sound Walls      A1 - Architectural Products
Box Beams/Voided Slabs Group B - Bridges
I-Beams, Girders      B1 - Precast Bridge Products
Beams, Columns, Joists      B2 - Prestressed Miscellaneous Bridge Products>
Structural Wall Panels      B3 - Prestressed Straight-Strand Bridge Members
Poles      Group BA - Bridge Products with an Architectural Finish
Hollowcore Slabs          B1A, B2A, B3A, & B4A
Single Tees
Double Tees Group C - Commercial (Structure)
Stadium Seats      C1 - Precast Concrete Products
Cell Modules      C2 - Prestressed Hollowcore and Repetitive Products
Insulated Wall Panels        C3 - Prestressed Straight-Strand Structural Members
Railroad Ties        C4 - Prestressed Deflected-Strand Structural Members
Box Culverts  
Stair and Landing Systems   Group CA - Commercial Products with an Architectural Finish
          C1A, C2A, C3A, & C4A
Bridge Systems        C2A - Prestressed Hollowcore and Repetitive Products
       C3A - Prestressed Straight-Strand Structural Members
       C4A - Prestressed Deflected-Strand Structural Members

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