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OSU Biology Building - Aronoff LaboratoryOSU Biology Building - Aronoff Laboratory

This new addition to The Ohio State University utilized architectural panels with (3) different finishes along with a conventional brick facade to create a unique look that stands out from the other buildings in the area. By using similar materials however, the building is able to blend in with the surrounding environment.

By using precast concrete, The Ohio State University was able to open this state of the art facility to its students quicker and provide them with a learning environment that will stand for many years to come.

Technical Note: The precast panels have a blend of (2) different sandblast finishes along with an exposed aggregate finish that is used for accent areas. This accenting creates the illusion of different modules of the building that are stacked on to each other.

Gate Bluegrass PrecastOSU Biology Building - Aronoff Laboratory
Columbus, Ohio
Precaster: Gate Precast Company
Architect: Burgess & Niple
Contractor: P.J. Dick / Trumbull



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