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Resources to aid architects, engineers, and other stakeholders in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining precast concrete structures.

Seventh Edition PCI Design Handbook
Design Handbook Errata postings

High Performance Insulated Sandwich Wall panel SOA
(State of the Art)

Precast concrete provides an efficient, versatile and resilient building enclosure system. Precast walls systems, are barrier, or face-sealed systems. Unlike rainscreen systems, precast concrete does not require a cavity where moisture collects and other problems can occur. The resources at this link will help you better understand and design precast building enclosure systems.

Aspire Magazine

Ascent Magazine

PCI Journal


Color and Texture Guide
Finishes - Colors, Forms, and Textures

PCI Bridge Design Resources

PCI Higher Education Resources
for University Professors and Instructors
for Students

Guide Specification for Architectural Precast Concrete - 266.0 KB DOC FILE
This document provides a basis for specifying in-plant fabrication, including product design not shown on contract documents, and field erection of architectural precast concrete.

Guide Specificiation for Structural Precast Concrete and Structural Precast Concrete with Commercial Architectural Finish - 304.0 KB DOC FILE
This document is intended to be used as a basis for the development of an office master specification or in the preparation of specifications for a particular project.

Parking Structures
Recommended Practice for design and construction
Parking Maintenance Guide
Lighting in Parking Structures White Paper
Joint Detailing Best Practices White Paper
Guide Specifications
Design Details



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